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Hi, I'm Grace and I'm the owner of Grace Pilates Studio.


I started Pilates seriously 18 years ago after a back injury from Ballet as was recommended by my physio at the time.

I am passionate about the Method of Pilates and particularly the true Pilates Method. I am currently doing yet a THIRD! teacher training internationally. My teacher, Javier Velasquez lived and trained with Romana and knows more about the authentic Pilates Method as taught by Joseph Pilates than anyone today.  We are taught from injured to Olympic Level so it leaves no stone unturned.

I  have previously completed two trainings in Classical and Contemporary Pilates with two of the country's best Training Providers. After all, if you are visiting a doctor you would expect them to have taken years of training. Likewise, I want to ensure you learn precisely, efficiently and safely when using the resistance of the various Pilates Equipment (that's right there is so much more than just the Reformer and the Mat even though these get the most press today). 

After initially completing my training with the renowned Body Control Pilates I decided to retrain in Classical Pilates which is the original Pilates just like Joseph and Romana taught it.


I trained with Holly Murray at Pi Studios in Battersea. She was the first to bring the Classical Method to the UK after having trained with Romana in New York. 

At our Studio we use all of the original apparatus to powerfully and precisely change the body.

All of our apparatus ( by that I mean equipment) is Classical by Legacy in Turkey. I wanted to bring you the full experience; we have over ten beautiful handmade pieces of apparatus just like it would have been in Joseph's (Pilates) Studio in New York!

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Full Comprehensive with Master Trainer Javier Velasquez (Portugal) 

Wunda Chair : The Black Order 

Third Generation Teacher of the Method

Classical Full Comprehensive at Pi Studios 

Classical Workshops: Baby Arm Chair, Archival Armsprings,  The White Order: Wunda Chair, Barrels of Joy, The Art of Classical Touch, The Breath, 

Founding Member of the Body Control Pilates Academy 

Member of the Body Control Pilates Organisation 

Body Control Pilates: Matwork Teacher Training Level 3 

Advanced Matwork  

Pilates for Low Back Pain  

Pilates for Sports Performance (including athletes, dancers, runners, golfers and more) 

Pilates for Runners 

Pilates for Dancers 

Level 3 Pilates for Bone Health 

Intermediate Pilates Teacher Training 

Matwork Evolution Teacher Training 

Barre Concept teacher

Workshops with Body Control Pilates: Too many to mention!

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