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Find strength and length in your body so that you can live your best life at our fully equipped Classical Pilates Studio.


Get to Know Us

 Not all Pilates is the same.


We teach the true Method of Pilates at our studio as Joseph Pilates intended. This means not only that we use specialist equipment from abroad but that we have trained for thousands of hours in order to ensure you can learn the real Method and get all of the benefits of Pilates. 


Whether you are injured or wanting to improve your sports performance we can help you. 

The true Pilates Method is incredibly supportive and transforming and can help posture, remove back pain and restore you back to life.

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There's more to Pilates than just the Matwork and the Reformer.

Private sessions on all of the equipment will get you the results you want fast and more importantly, safely.

Each session is fifty minutes long and is tailored to meet your strengths and limitations. 

Stronger muscles and joints.

Realignment of your body to reduce injury.

Flexibility that lasts and is controlled.

Better posture.



I damaged my meniscus through running and was advised by my physio to start Pilates if I wanted to run again. I am back to running over 25 miles a week and thanks to the progress I have made I no longer have an injury to my knees or need to revisit the physiotherapist again.


As a result of seeing Grace I have alot more energy, ease in the body, improved posture and pain reduction. My whole body feels more fluid and comfortable. I am not longer scared or limited by pain. I am also a lot stronger in my upper body which has given me extra facility in my everyday life and sport.


Grace is very good at correcting you and breaks down the moves so you can progress. As a result I am far more flexible (particularly in my back, and can now do many of the advanced exercises which I thought were beyond me!


I know I am in safe hands with Grace. She is a consummate professional with a keen eye on her pupil's techniques. She adjusts your positioning when required and pushes you to reach positions you didn't know were possible but ALWAYS safely and within your capability. 

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